Besides the environmental subjects, Los Cuartos include traditional activities at summer camps: excursions, bonfires, explorations, night games, sports, and artistic workshops. We seek to combine activities full of fun and learning.

What am I going to do at Los Cuartos over the summer?
  • Crafts
  • Running
  • Vegetable farming
  • Take care of farm animals
  • Learn botanics
  • Participate in mini-Olympics
  • Play soccer
  • Make friends
  • Watch insects under the microscope
  • Play a rally
  • Recycling
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Singing
  • Making pizza
  • Learn about legends
  • Play towel volleyball
  • Artistic workshops
  • Learn about the stars
  • Go on an excursion
  • Jam
  • Be part of a circus
  • A radio program
  • Theater plays
  • Have fun all the time
  • Ranchoteca
  • Drawing
  • Eating delicious food
  • Learn about fish
  • Treasure hunting
  • Bonfires
  • Dance at disco night
  • Recycled paper
  • Play basketball and volleyball
  • Play chess
  • Living together
  • Plant tress

Example of summer camp program

  • The day starts
  • Exercises and games
  • Breakfast
  • Vegetable garden, farm and nursery activities
  • Sports
  • Crafts workshops
  • Ecological activities
  • Lunch
  • Games
  • Music/Theater/Painting workshops
  • Sports
  • Crafts workshops
  • Ecological activities
  • Explorations
  • Dinner
  • Night games and bonfire
  • Personal cleanliness

Breeding ground for environmental educators

The CEC creates environmental educators through a permanent training program, where young people participate with a multidisciplinary formation. Our instructors are in charge of carrying out the different educational projects of Los Cuartos, especially the activities involved in the child's development concerning the environment, under the Environmental Projects Office.

Educational Area

It is divided into:

Guided tours and camps coordination, natural studies coordination, logistics and material supervision, guides and volunteers (both national and international).

Guides are trained to carry out camping activities. Among the profiles we count on, we can mention: environmental educators, biologists, agronomists, educators, physical education (P.E.) teachers, and environmental sciences engineers; young people who apply their knowledge and experience so that boys and girls learn from nature, know how it works and how human beings relate to it. Likewise, guides realize a sensitizing work for children to understand environmental problems and know the possible solutions at their age and in their environment.

All of our instructors have experience in entertaining and working with children.

It is important to highlight that guides are selected through a strict process that proves moral ability and stability, besides receiving periodic training on pedagogical, recreational, humanistic, and environmental aspects.


We have had an international volunteering program at Los Cuartos for seven years, where we receive volunteers from all over the world, who have a multidisciplinary formation, but with an environmental approach. Their very strict selection is made through many institutions like Idealist, Haces falta, Centro de Servicio de Voluntariado Europeo (CSVE / CEV) (European Volunteer Center) and CEMEFI (Mexican Center for Philanthropy).

  • Be between ages 6 and 13.
  • Fill out information sheet and sign Los Cuartos regulations sheet.
  • Pay total cost before camp date.
  • Not having any infectious disease such as hepatitis, flu, chickenpox, etc.
  • Be willing to have lots of fun for a week.

For foreign transportation from other states, please call the Centro Ecológico Los Cuartos. Special discount on groups.

Our costs include:

Local transportation, lodging, meals, workshops' material, visits to natural areas, museums, qualified attention, camp's T-shirt, medical insurance and 24 hour surveillance.

First summer camp:

Second summer camp:

Children must bring to the camp: a towel, personal cleanliness products, sandals, a cap, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent, a canteen, tennis shoes and comfortable clothes (a change of clothes per day of camp, working clothes instead on new ones preferably), pajamas, a jacket and a sweater, underwear (a change per day) and socks (a pair per day) and a bathing suit.

The purpose of this regulations sheet is that the participants and users of the programs and services the CEC offers live together in a harmonic, respectful way.

  1. The staff at the Centro Ecológico is trained to develop their functions and they are willing to give a good service; therefore, the users shall be respectful to them.

  2. The users must follow CEC staff's indications, regarding the use of the facilities, areas' restrictions, use of equipment, etc.

  3. It is not allowed to collect, cut, harm or kill any plant or animal within the Centro Ecológico Los Cuartos.

  4. While being on the bus, children must remain seated, keeping their hands and head inside. The driver is responsible for the bus and the users' safety; therefore, the participants must obey his indications.

  5. Any damage caused by the users to the CEC's facilities and equipment due to misuse or negligence, the responsible shall pay for its reparation or reposition.

  6. All refectory's users shall clear their dishes away after eating and place them where the kitchen staff indicates it.

  7. Any user that has an aggressive attitude (hitting, insulting, etc) towards another person shall be taken aside from the group and into the Principal's office to be heard out. If the aggressive attitude is repeated, his/her parents shall be called to determine the consequences. Once the user repeats the aggression for the third time, he/she will have to leave the Centro Ecológico Los Cuartos.

  8. If the user does not obey the guide's instructions, he/she shall be taken aside from the group to think about his/her attitude and will return until he/she has decided to participate.

  9. Electronic games, Discmans, cell phones or any device that is distracting and does not allow users to pay attention to activities shall be removed until the activity is over.

  10. All of the user's belongings will be under his/her responsibility.
I admit there are risky elements present in some activities. I give consent to participate and be transported to all the activities. Likewise, I authorize the staff at the Centro Ecológico Los Cuartos to provide medical aid, in case it is necessary, notifying the family.

I have read the regulations of the Centro Ecológico Los Cuartos and I agree to comply with it.

When a group is bigger than 30 children leaving from Mexico City, we offer transportation in a first-class tourist bus. In case it is a group with less than 30 participants, they will travel in a first-class tourist van.

The bus, or van, leaves from our contact office in Polanco (address: 223-PH Homero). The round trip cost leaving from Mexico City is an extra $500 (Mexican pesos) over the regular cost.

In case there's a group of at least 30 participants coming from other cities, we can offer our bus service with a cost that will depend on the city of departure.

Fill the form to register in summer camps.

1. Name of the person who is reserving
2. Relationship with the camp's participant
3. Name of camp's participant
4. Age
5. Gender
6. Name of school
7. School grade
8. How many camps has he/she attended to?
9. What camp does he/she want to participate in?
10. What sports does he/she practice?
11. Hobby
12. What musical instrument does he/she play?
13. General behavior of the participant


14. Full name
15. Address (street name)
16. Zip code/County, etc
17. City/State/Country
18. Home phone number
(include area code)
19. Work phone number
(include area code)
20. Cell phone number (include area code)
21. Nextel number (include area code)
22. E-Mail


23. Full name
24. Address (street name)
25. Zip code/County, etc
26. City/State/Country
27. Home phone number
(include area code)
28. Work phone number
(include area code)
29. Cell phone number
(include area code)
30. Nextel number
(include area code)
31. E-Mail


32. Social Security number
33. ISSSTE filliation number
(ONLY in Mexico)
34. In case of having a private medical insurance, specify the name of the insurance company and type of insurance
35. Name and telephone number of private physician
36. Specify if the participant suffers from a chronic disease, and which one
37. Specify if the participant requires medicine, of what kind and what is his/her condition
38. Is he/she allergic to something?
39. Any phobias?
40. Does the child have any peculiarities in his/her behavior, different abilities or a psychological record the Centro Ecológico Los Cuartos must be informed about?


41. How many bags is the participant carrying?
42. How much money does the participant bring along?
43. Will he/she arrive by
44. Swimming level of the participant
45. Does he/she have a hard time sleeping
46. Has he/she spent the night at another place other than his/her parents' house?
47. Any special recommendations you would like to make about his/her behavior


48. The child will participate on what dates?
49. I will pay through
50. I have read the regulations and I agree with all that's been specified on it