Accomplished projects

The institution's many years work can be visualized in a concrete way in the programs and projects financing, implementation and elaboration in terms of environmental education.

Among the most resembling successful projects the organization has realized, we can mention:
  • Promotion of the first free environmental education book elaboration for fourth graders.

  • Annual Congreso Infantil sobre Medio Ambiente (Children's Congress on Environment) within the World Environment Day setting (June 5th).

  • Elaboration of the first Arboretum and the first State's didactic aquarium.

  • Participation in the 1er. Foro Estatal del Agua (1st State Water Forum).

  • Venue of the IV Encuentro Regional de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales (VI Regional Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations).

  • Extension of national and international volunteering program thanks to Idealist (, volunteermatch, goabroad and oneworld.

  • Celebration of International Volunteer Day (December 5th).

  • Promotion of CEMEFI's (Mexican Center for Philanthropy) program "regala una hora" ("give an hour").

  • Support the proposal law of the Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil (Civil Society Organizations).

  • The Programa Integral de Educación Ambiental (PIEA) (Integral ) Program for Environmental Education)was held, thanks to the support of the Instituto de Educación de Aguascalientes (IEA) (Education Institute of Aguascalientes).

  • Programa de Educación Ambiental para Empresas y Colegios privados (Environmental Education Program for Enterprises and Private Schools).

  • International exchange with similar institutions, thanks to the support of NetAid, Eelink, Environlink and Volunteer Match.

  • Mexico's representation at the World Water Forum, held in The Hague, Netherlands in 2000.

  • Rehabilitation project of the Río San Pedro (river) in coordination with "Amigos del Río San Pedro" (Rio San Pedro friends).

  • Cleaning campaign in rural communities with the support of the SEDENA (Spanish abbreviation for Mexico's National Security Department).

  • Acciones Solidarias por el Medio Ambiente (Supportive Actions for the Environment) Campaign.

  • Curative plants herbarium.

  • Edible fungi didactic farming.

  • Head members of the Consejo de Centros de Educación Ambiental de Aguascalientes (Council of Environmental Education Centers of Aguascalientes) over 2003 and 2004.

  • Certification of Institutionality and Transparency by the Centro Mexicano de Filantropía 2006 (CEMEFI) (Mexican Center for Philanthropy 2006).